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Our Stances

Let's make it easier to get a therapist and harder to get a gun. At No Future Without Today, we believe gun violence isn't a black-and-white issue. It's a nuanced problem that requires multifaceted solutions. Below is the platform we believe will ensure safer schools and communities.


Sensible Gun Reforms

We know the common-sense solutions that would drastically reduce gun violence and make our schools and communities safer. They're supported by a large majority of voters, including responsible gun owners.

Secure Storage Laws

Secure storage practices play a vital role in helping to reduce suicide and accidental shootings. By keeping firearms stored safely and responsibly, away from access by children and separate from ammunition, we can help reduce the risk of gun violence. Laws regarding secure storage will also help in the prosecution and enforcement of laws after a violent crime has been committed. Click for more information.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders

ERPOs, also known as "red flag" laws, would allow for law enforcement, medical professionals, or someone's loved ones to initiate a process that would temporarily remove firearms from a person's possession. These laws would allow for due process, while still protecting them from harm. These types of laws are particularly important in de-escalating situations when a person is in crisis. Click for more information.

Universal Background Checks

Michigan's current background check law applies to the sale of handguns sold through an authorized dealer, leaving major loopholes for different types of firearms and different types of sales. By updating and improving this law to be truly universal, the state can better monitor the sales of guns and keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands. Click for more information.

AWB & High Capacity Magazine Regulations

Assault weapons and high capacity magazines only increase the lethality of mass shootings.  The intention of the ammunition is to inflict the greatest amount of damage on a human body.  These weapons are designed for war and do not have any place in our communities.  Between 1986 and 2017, 86% of mass shootings were committed with an assault-style weapon. Click for more information.

Mental Healthcare Resources

Overall, having better mental healthcare access and awareness play a major role in gun violence. Removing the stigma around mental health will allow for children, teens, and adults to receive the necessary help they need. While such programs are important for preventing gun violence, they wouldn't eliminate the need for gun control.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL helps make individuals understand and regulate their emotions, successfully complete goals, take others' perspective or point of view, develop positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. It's critical these tenets are implemented into school curriculum. 

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